Summer’s coming, and here in Queensland, that means gloriously sunny days on the beach and behind the barbie. But what about when you have to sit behind the wheel? Most drivers know the frustration of having auto air conditioning that’s not working as it should when the sun’s high in the sky. That’s why it’s time to prepare your vehicle’s air conditioning for summer – before the temperature starts soaring!

At Auto Electrics QLD, we’ve compiled some top tips on how to prep your car or truck’s air-con for the summer season. Read on to find out what we recommend.

Woman using auto air conditioner on the Sunshine Coast

Tip 1: Check your fans

The first key check to get your air-con prepped for summer is to ensure it’s working as it should be. It sounds basic, but by this, we mean switching your air conditioning on high and ensuring that all your fans are pushing air through as normal. It’s worth checking the medium and low settings too.

Put your hand over all the vents – passenger and driver side – to ensure there’s a consistent, fluid cold air output. If there is, then your car or ute will have proper cold air circulation, which is essential when travelling on hotter days.

Tip 2: Avoid moisture

Any sign of moisture, such as visible condensation on vent outputs, is a big no as it’s a sign of damage somewhere in the system. Escaped freon, due to cracking or loosening of hoses, rubber seals or any other component, can significantly reduce how effective your air conditioning is. There’s no point just pushing hot air around your car!

If moisture is present where it shouldn’t be, it’ll also increase the risk of bacteria, which in turn can create mould. Mould is the last thing you want travelling with you, so if you spot any moisture, it’s best to take your car to specialist mechanics to get your AC back up and running with repaired or new parts as required.

Tip 3: Listen out

Is your car making an odd noise now the air conditioning system is back on? This could sound like anything from a loose engine component to a fan that sounds far too loud. Any irregularities should be checked out by a professional, and even if you’re not entirely sure something isn’t right, it’s still a good idea to get it sent in and mention what you think doesn’t sound normal for your vehicle.

Get in touch with the Auto Electrics QLD team

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