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When we ask prepared, we aren’t talking having excessive amounts of Zooper Doopers and Drinks packed away. We are talking having your cars A/C pumping frosty air through out your car. The reason your car’s A/C system is only blowing cold air and not freezing air, could very well be just due to it being low on gas. When you bring your car in this summer, well make sure to check over your system for any leaks or possible failing components. If there’s no leaks or failed components will only charge you $105 (+GST), otherwise will let you know what the culprit is of your failing A/C system. Before we fix it will give you ring and quote you price on getting it back to its perfect working self.

While we are talking about failing A/C components, will let you in on a secret. The best way to prevent you’re A/C system from going caput is getting it serviced every 18months. By doing this you’re A/C system will always stay cold and the chances of it going boom can be halved. So save yourself some serious cash in the long run and get your car’s A/C system serviced regularly.

As one of the leading Automotive air conditioning servicers on the sunshine coast we can guarantee your car will be prepared for the summer heat. We have 25yrs of experience behind us, so you can trust us when we say will get your cars A/C to be blowing refreshing icy wind. Call us @ 5442 2278, and will book your car in for an A/C service.

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Sunshine Coast Automotive Air Conditioning