There are different signs that your car desperately needs auto electrical help and here at Auto Electrics QLD we know them all. We aren’t just the run of the mill mechanics. We cover the whole range of possible electrical problems your vehicle may encounter and a lot more besides.

The signs:

  • Your car is difficult to start. Any ‘clicking’ sounds indicates that there isn’t sufficient electrical current getting through.
  • Your battery may not be charging. First check the cables and clean them. If that doesn’t work, then you have a problem elsewhere.
  • Dimming or flickering lights indicate a malfunction or low voltage.
  • Fuses blow occasionally, but if you have to replace more than one, you have a short-circuit or other problem.
  • If you smell burning, then something is definitely wrong.

auto electrical battery nambour

Auto Electronics

Fiddling about with your car’s electrical system is always a tricky business. It is best to leave it to the experts and that’s what we are. Today’s modern cars are using computers more and more to replace old mechanical functions. For the average driver it presents a nightmare, but we have the training, knowledge, skill, and the proper equipment to sort out your electrical problems. Whether you need to repair, add, or replace anything concerning auto electrical wiring or components, come to us.
Here are some of the common things we deal with on a day to day basis.


We have years of experience repairing, changing, or replacing mechanical components, not just your auto electrical necessities.

Auto Air Conditioning

We can deal with all your auto air conditioning needs. That means everything from installing and repairing, to changing your air conditioning on any type of vehicle you care to name. We have the ARC-Australian Refrigeration Council licenses to prove it.

Heavy Goods Vehicles

Whether it is a mechanical, auto electrical, or air conditioning issue, we’re experienced and happy to work on commercial vehicles too. That includes caravans, farm machinery, and heavy construction equipment.

Other Services and Accessories

  • All your battery needs
  • Redarc Chargers and Controllers
  • LED lighting
  • UHF Radio equipment
  • Solar Panels
  • Hands free kits

Call the experts

Here at Auto Electrics QLD in Woombye near Nambour in the Sunshine Coast region, we are happy to hear your doubts or discuss any problems you may have with your auto electrical system. It’s better to sort out a small fault quickly before it turns into a major and more expensive problem. For your peace of mind, call today or contact us online for a consultation and quote.