Having trouble with the car again? Most drivers do at some point. Bashing the engine with a spanner hasn’t worked, so what’s next? Don’t want to go back to the joker who supposedly fixed the last problem? If you don’t already have a good, reliable mechanic that you can trust, then you’ve got to go searching again. Not a prospect that fills anyone with joy. To add to that chore, do you know if the fault is mechanical or electrical?

Cars nowadays are complicated machines, if not to say sensitive. Over the years more and more functions and components have become electrical, not merely mechanical. The integration of the two systems makes it difficult to figure out where the faults originate: mechanics and electrics are no longer separate. This is where we at Auto Electrics QLD step in. If you need a mechanic or an auto electrician in Nambour, call on us, we do both.

auto electrician or mechanic issue nambour

  • The best solution when you are having trouble with your car is to take it to an auto electrician. Some problems are obviously mechanical, like a cracked sump, leaking radiators, or sticking valves. If your sensors are on the blink, then the chances are that it’s an electrical problem. Not all mechanics are trained sufficiently in vehicle electronics, so it’s best to kill two birds with one stone.
  • Just think of all the functions of a car that used to be purely mechanical but are now integrated through the installation of on board computers to be powered by electrical means. Ignition systems have now become electronic. If your car won’t start, you can’t simply turn it over the engine with a starting handle anymore or with jump leads. When was the last time you did that? Or the last time you actually cranked a window up or down by hand? What about adjusting your mirrors, central locking, or alarm systems? All are controlled by your vehicle electrical system.
  • Once, the electrical systems on cars were pretty basic, but with the addition of computers, electronic control of your car’s functions has mushroomed. Just think of all those lovely accessories that either come with your car or can be installed. Air conditioning may be a standard issue on the latest models, in-car phones, and high fidelity audio systems and even televisions can be added, all because of the advances in vehicle electronics.

Mechanical or Electrical?

We advise you to take your car problems to a mechanic that is also trained as an auto electrician. At Auto Electrics QLD, we specialise in vehicle electronics, as well as ordinary mechanical problems. This is your best all in one solution, so contact us through our message page or simply give us a call.