Nothing ruins a planned car trip or an afternoon summer drive as much as car problems. Unfortunately, the same temperatures that make your road trip fun and spontaneous can cause your car to break down. Below, our mechanics and automotive electricians at Auto Electrics QLD explore four common mechanical and electrical car problems in summer and how to prevent them.

car with mechanical electrical problems in summer

Battery replacement

The heat of humidity of the summertime can take a toll on your car battery’s life and effectiveness. The hot weather can accelerate corrosion and prompt the battery liquid to dissipate, reducing your battery’s capacity to produce power. Replace your car battery every three to five years to prevent breakdown, and schedule a battery test when possible.


On a hot day, your engine can become overheated. The cooling system works harder to prevent your vehicle from exhaustion and can cause a breakdown if the coolant is low or empty. Prepare by checking your car fluids regularly, and refill before it dips below the required level. In the event you notice leakage from the lower part of your car, call your mechanic in Nambour.

Additionally, try antifreeze or coolant additive to keep your engine’s cooling system running smoothly. Anti-corrosion agents and lubricants assist in keeping radiator coolant from wearing out too quickly. By increasing the boiling point of the water, anti-freeze allows the coolant to absorb more heart.

Change in tyre pressure

High temperatures can impact your tyre pressure, leading them to become over or under-inflated. Hot roads have a high amount of flex, putting additional stress on your tyres. Tyres that are incorrectly inflated increase the risk of sustaining damage or wearing down quicker, increasing the likelihood of a blowout.

Check the alignment and pressure of your tyres at least every fortnight during the summer months. You can check your tyre pressure using a gauge; attach it to the valve stem and then note the figure against the suggested reading in your car’s manual. After every journey when your tyres are cool, check the tyre exterior for embedded debris, and always have a spare tyre, lug wrench, and car jack to hand in case of a flat tyre.

Belt failure

The drive belt, or serpentine belt, helps your car run by powering your engine’s accessories. When broken and failing, it can cause a malfunction in the alternator, air conditioning, and power steering. The summer heat often causes the belt to break, which in turn affects all its subsequent accessories. Take your car to a mechanic to get it replaced or inspect for damages if you’ve driven between 10,000km and 15,000km.

Final word

Mechanical and electrical car issues are a driver’s worst nightmare, especially in the summer. Preventative maintenance is key, so ensure tests are taken and parts are replaced regularly. Catch any developing issues early, and make ensure you make the necessary repairs before an untimely breakdown.

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