Caravan Repairs & Electrical Fitouts Sunshine Coast

At Auto Electrics QLD, we specialise in the installation and repair of 12V & 24V products and installations. Whether it be in your caravan, camper trailer or motor home we can help, below are some of the areas we can help! Call now to ask more.

  • Dual Battery Systems

  • Electric Brake

  • Solar Panels

  • LEDs

  • Batteries

  • Inverters

  • Battery Chargers

  • Accessory Sockets

“Caravans are a fun way of telling your kids that you are poor.”

Case Study

Caravan Repairs & Electrical Fitouts Sunshine Coast

We had a new customer with an older Caravan having electrical issues with power dropping out.

We booked the job in and put our technicians to work, and after an extensive search of the van we were able to find a bad earth under the kitchen cupboards that had been corroding for years and had nearly burnt down the van due to a bad contact.

Our customer was very happy that we found the issue and loved our work so much that they gave us some extra jobs to do. We wired in 10 new accessory sockets inside and outside of the van, installed a solar panel charge point outside the van and a new fridge point outside the van. Now, the family of seven are back on the road and travelling safely.