Automotive Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

At Auto Electrics QLD we have the latest equipment, up to date training and certification, decades of experience and the right attitude to service your air conditioning system while still caring for the environment.

Most commonly, a/c systems run out of refrigerant due to a leak somewhere in the system. In the past these systems have just been topped up when they get low and stop producing cold air. Most people would be familiar with the old term ‘re-gas’. ‘Re-gassing’ is now an illegal practice. If a system is low on gas, the leak must be identified and repaired. An ultra violet dye should always be added to make any future leaks visible.

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Automotive Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

“Why did the AC tech run toward the AC? He was charging it.”

Air conditioning refrigerant is harmful to the environment and any remnants in a system need to be contained before a system is worked on. Legal policies have been put into place recently to take control and clean up an industry that saw too many tradesmen dumping old refrigerant straight into the environment to save time and make more money.

Case Study

A new customer brought his 120 series Prado into the workshop with air conditioning troubles.

After diagnosis we confirmed that the issue was a leaking evaporator, (an evaporator on most vehicles is in the dash). After working out costings on the job we gave the customer a call with the outcome and the costs of repairs. He then decided to go ahead with repairs, and following came a mammoth task of dash removal and replacing the air conditioning evaporator.

The end result was a very happy customer with very cold air condoning, and he will no doubt return in future due to our excellent service and competitive pricing.