What do you do when your air con stops working in the car?

It’s a hot summer’s day and you’re cruising around in your car. Suddenly the air conditioning stops working and the wonderful scene becomes a nightmare. Almost all modern cars have an air conditioning system and no one is happy when it stops cooling. Summer days aren’t as pleasant when you’re soaking in your clothes, and if you’re A/C malfunctions this is just the situation you should expect to find your-self in. Luckily there are auto electrician that save the day when the air conditioner stops putting out.

air con stops workingAir conditioners are relatively modern devices, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong inside one of these heat eliminators. One of the first things to understand before diagnosing you’re A/C, is how it works! The device basically transports the heat from inside the car elsewhere. It’s unlikely, but it could be too hot outside or beneath the bonnet. If you don’t think this is the case, the next thing to check is if there’s any refrigerant leaking. This is the fluid that transports the heat and a leak could render the whole mechanism useless. Fixing the leak and replacing the refrigerant is a cheap and simple process. Air and moisture are the biggest enemies of air conditioners, fixing a leaky pipe should be a priority if you want you’re A/C to keep you cool for a long time. Another thing that can break down is the compressor. This device should pressurise the aforementioned refrigerant and let it circulate between the coils. On the other hand, something inside the compressor could be broken or shorted out, which would mean a complete, and often expensive replacement. Consulting your auto electrician is generally a smart thing to do in these situations.

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